Why Teak Wooden Chairs Are Expensive

Designers around the world have found innovative ways to take advantage of the natural qualities of teak so that they can enhance the look of living spaces. They created a modern teak wooden chair design that has an exclusive look. Teak wooden chairs come from teak wood which is priceless. The teak is very solid and this makes it weather resistant. Apart from being sturdy and resilient, teak wooden chair also have more advantages than disadvantages.

The teak tree, called Tectona grandis, comes from the tropics. Since around the 7th century, it has been used to beautify and decorate the residences of the rich and powerful. Through the Dutch who colonized Indonesia, they used teak wood for shipbuilding because of its ability to ward off rot. Teak trees are found growing in the tropical rainforests of India and in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Burma, and Malaysia. Because the best quality teak wooden chairs come from old teak trees, it takes about 80 years before the teak trees can be felled and used for wood. And because teak is a very high-quality type of wood, old teak is often renewed, for example from old buildings that are torn down and recycled into new forms of furniture.

Then, why are teak wooden chairs so valuable and very valuable compared to other types of wooden chairs? It is quite clear that people love teak chairs more than mahogany, rosewood, and other types of wood. But why is that? The answer lies in the natural oils and rubber found in teak wood. So, what are the benefits of natural oil and rubber in teak wood?

Because of the natural oil and rubber content, teak has natural weather resistance properties that are greater than other types of wood. In addition, oil also protects wood from fungi and parasites that can destroy several other types of wood. Protecting wooden furniture from attack usually requires greasing and weathering, but teak is not the case. Because it has a very high natural oil content, it can reduce costs and the need for varnishing, wood finishing, and sealing of teak wooden chairs. If you decide to choose teak wooden chairs with low moisture content and weather resistance, you may have to pay a high price, but you will be satisfied with the purchase in the long run. Teak wood has a very high density and is waterproof so it doesn’t rot or rot easily. This is the reason why teak chairs can be so durable. Teak wooden chairs also have a natural resistance to several alkaline and acidic chemicals. That is why teak wood is not easily damaged or stained.

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