MNK Furniture has more than 6 years experienced in producing high-quality solid wood indoor and outdoor furniture. We have been exporting to many countries including European, American, Middle East and Asian market. We always be able to provide & innovate our furniture to follow the market demands, trends and customer needs. Maintain the quality and choosing the best materials is our concern to create lifetime furniture products.

Our products widely range from legal, renewable resources from Perhutani new and recycled/reclaimed teak, solid wood, laminated teak, powder coated metal, aluminium, synthetic rattan, and painted wood. We believe in quality concern as a vital asset to provide furniture in this industry.

Our Vision is to make us as a reliable partner that can bring success to all clients.

Our Mission is to produce quality goods, the price is reasonable, timely and reliable.

This plank above is teak wood. We can see that it have 2 colour / area. The darker, golden brown selected to be our Premium Grade, normally called “heart of wood”. It free from white / brighter area that is “skin” or familiar called shapwood. Combination of both will be our Grade C products. The question, how we make Grade B products as listed in pricelist? Base on grade C, we put some specific coating that change the colour of outter area (brighter / white) to me closely same with heart ff wood as be Premium Grade. Please check the right pictures

You can see above, Left chair is made from Premium Grade of teak, no white, clean, even colour. Then mid chair that made from Grade C then apply some coating so colour closely to Premium Grade. Finally on right chair that originally Grade C



We have earned a reputation for competitive pricing whilst providing an unmatched personalized service, continually striving for excellence through innovative design, attention to detail and prompt delivery. We sell to manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, trading company, hotel project, real estate developer, and retailer store also.