Frequently Asked Question

Because we are one of best furniture wholesale and supplier without minimum quantity, reasonable prices, and satisfaction guarantee

Simply mention the item code and number you need, send an e-mail to us. So quickly we will respond with complete. You will know how many total volume and the amount of money you should pay. Everything will be answered in the e-mail will sent.

You could pay via T/T or L/C information can be found in the Terms and Condition . 50% must be paid by the buyer when providing the purchase order. Additional 50% must be paid at the time of shipment or before we send all documents.

You can order sample which can be dispatch to you, at your cost via Courier such as Fedex or DHL.

Lead production we need is 50 days, counted from deposit or we accept L/C could be sooner depends in qty, we could discuss it in the e-mail.

Yes absolutely, we have the flexibility to adapt to your personal preferences regarding the sizes and dimensions of the outdoor furniture you need. Just contact and tell us in detail what kind of product you want.