The Reason Teak Wooden Chairs Are Suitable For Outdoor Furniture

Choosing teak wooden chairs as outdoor furniture is the right choice. Teak wooden chairs are often used as outdoor furniture because they are considered stronger. Outdoor furniture made of wood must be considered especially for the type of wood used. Teak wood is here to meet the needs of all outdoor furniture such as patios. The reason is that wooden chairs are often used to withstand heavyweights. There are many reasons why you must use teak wooden chair as outdoor furniture.

For those of you who are not concerned about the price, here are the benefits that will be immediately obtained if you use teak wooden chairs.

1. Strong And Durable
Teak is a type of hardwood that is very strong but it is also quite flexible. The natural oil from teak wood can prevent it from becoming brittle. Furniture made of teak wood is more durable and can withstand heavy loads and other things. For example, such as dealing with scratches. Having teak chairs is also sturdier because they are not easy to fall or blow by the wind. Heavy and sturdy wooden furniture makes it more elegant than furniture made of plastic or aluminum. When preparing for the outdoor area of ​​your home, think about the long-term atmosphere you would like to create. So it is better to use quality furniture such as teak wooden chairs for outdoor furniture.

2. Strong against extreme weather exposure
The natural properties of wood, including its fiber and rich oil content, make it highly resistant to the effects of water and rot. This also happens when the wood is still in its raw condition. Although the sun’s ultraviolet rays cause the wood to turn white over time. The effects of wind and cold conditions do not usually contribute significantly to furniture damage. However, water, including heavy rain conditions can be a problem. Most manufacturers of wooden outdoor chairs of all types store their furniture in a dry place during bad weather. However, the use of teak can withstand all weather conditions, including bad weather. With the right finishing materials, you will keep your teak furniture looking attractive.

3. Resistant To Mold And Termite Attack
The natural oil from teak wood which makes it waterproof also makes it resistant to mold and insects, including termites. This is an important consideration when choosing wooden furniture. It is important for you to know whether the wood type is able to overcome the insect problem that appears or not. When mold starts to grow on the surface of wooden furniture, the wood underneath tends to rot. Even if you can remove mold once it appears, it will often stain and can come back then. When you choose teak, the chances of mold growth and termite development are minimal.

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