Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Chairs Compared to Other Materials

One type of furniture that is quite in demand on the market and is a mandatory requirement for every household is a chair. The demand for chairs, both new and old models, whether made of wood or others, is still great as if it were never lonely. Chair manufacturers continue to produce chairs regardless of season, even the demand has increased very sharply. Even though the chair’s life is relatively long, which is up to a dozen years, it does not mean that the demand for seats has decreased, on the contrary. In furniture stores, the best-selling piece of furniture is the chair, which sells far above the wardrobe. This shows that chairs are a basic necessity for people to meet or decorate their homes. One type of chair that is quite in demand in the market is a wooden chair. The following will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a wooden chair compared to chairs made of other materials.

More durable
It is common knowledge that wooden chairs are more durable and have a longer service life compared to plastic chairs or chairs made of other materials. Chairs made of wood, especially if the wood is selected and of superior quality, will be able to last for a dozen or even over twenty years. The only cause of rotten wooden chairs is termites or improper use. The rest, wooden chairs will be more resistant, especially in supporting the bodyweight of the person who sits on them. It is no wonder that many people are more inclined to buy chairs made of wood than other materials.

The Paint is Renewable
Apart from being more durable, the paint or color of wooden chairs can be updated. For example, by adding varnish so that the color of the chair will look new. If the color of the chair has faded, you can immediately repaint it with a matching color or if you are bored with the color, you can replace it with another color according to your taste.

But among the several advantages, wooden chairs still have their disadvantages. Among the drawbacks is that the seat is hard, not soft so that people who sit on the wooden chair don’t feel comfortable sitting for long. Not infrequently, chairs made from wood are covered with foam or other materials to make them more comfortable when sitting. Not only is the seat hard, but the drawback of wooden chairs compared to chairs made of foam, rubber, or other materials is also that they are relatively heavier. Chairs made of wood, especially wood of the highest quality such as teak, will be very heavy when lifted. Not surprisingly, for short-term use, people tend to prefer rubber chairs or sofas to wooden chairs.

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