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Category: Wooden Chair

Points In Choosing Minimalist Wooden Chairs

Minimalist wooden chair are generally selected wooden chairs that have different quality standards. There are various models, types, and prices of chairs that might suit you. The following will review sundries for minimalist chairs as a guide before you decide to buy them.

1. Balancing Chair Size With Room
Balancing the size of the chair with the room of your house so that the house looks neat and comfortable. If you buy a large chair, the living room or family must also be spacious. The goal is that your home furniture does not interfere with daily activities. You also need to adjust the comfort level when sitting on the selected chair. If the body feels comfortable, it will give rise to a calm mind. One of the characteristics of a modern minimalist chair you might make as a reference for the interior of the house. The basic material of a minimalist chair with average quality has a durability that is not easily eaten by termites. In addition, you can consider the age of the wood used, the density of the wood pores, not having dead eyes, not having a wooden heart which causes the chair to break easily. Minimalist furniture design is very simple because it does not have certain carvings.

2. Adjusting the Chair Design for the Living Room
You can customize the chair design with the sofa, which is one of the pieces of furniture in the living room. The chair function that you choose is not only for guests visiting your house. However, you can use it for other activities, such as relaxing, discussing with family, studying, and so on. The position of the chair in the living room gives a different impression from other chairs. Because the interior design of the sofa is close to the outdoor so that air can enter freely. The average architectural style used for chairs has unique carvings. People who love art will adapt chair carvings to the concept of your home. So, the concept of a house, wall colors will look beautiful if you adjust to the latest chair designs.

3. Choosing a Quality Chair Base Material
Chairs made of teak have -no doubt- a high quality. Because since the ancient kingdom, teak wood has been used to make buildings and furniture. This is evident from several relics of historical sites that use teak wood. You can use teak wood to choose the right chair. In fact, teak wood also has several other qualities to consider. For example, a strong wood material makes it durable for a long time. Teak wood has soft fibers and facilitates the production process into various designs. Give the impression of a classic old-style and rustic in your room.

You can adjust the cost of buying a seat. The cost will determine the design, materials, strength of the materials, and the durability of the chair. You don’t need to rush to determine a chair that fits your needs and criteria. There are several chairs that are quite affordable but have their own unique designs.

The Reason Teak Wooden Chairs Are Suitable For Outdoor Furniture

Choosing teak wooden chairs as outdoor furniture is the right choice. Teak wooden chairs are often used as outdoor furniture because they are considered stronger. Outdoor furniture made of wood must be considered especially for the type of wood used. Teak wood is here to meet the needs of all outdoor furniture such as patios. The reason is that wooden chairs are often used to withstand heavyweights. There are many reasons why you must use teak wooden chair as outdoor furniture.

For those of you who are not concerned about the price, here are the benefits that will be immediately obtained if you use teak wooden chairs.

1. Strong And Durable
Teak is a type of hardwood that is very strong but it is also quite flexible. The natural oil from teak wood can prevent it from becoming brittle. Furniture made of teak wood is more durable and can withstand heavy loads and other things. For example, such as dealing with scratches. Having teak chairs is also sturdier because they are not easy to fall or blow by the wind. Heavy and sturdy wooden furniture makes it more elegant than furniture made of plastic or aluminum. When preparing for the outdoor area of ​​your home, think about the long-term atmosphere you would like to create. So it is better to use quality furniture such as teak wooden chairs for outdoor furniture.

2. Strong against extreme weather exposure
The natural properties of wood, including its fiber and rich oil content, make it highly resistant to the effects of water and rot. This also happens when the wood is still in its raw condition. Although the sun’s ultraviolet rays cause the wood to turn white over time. The effects of wind and cold conditions do not usually contribute significantly to furniture damage. However, water, including heavy rain conditions can be a problem. Most manufacturers of wooden outdoor chairs of all types store their furniture in a dry place during bad weather. However, the use of teak can withstand all weather conditions, including bad weather. With the right finishing materials, you will keep your teak furniture looking attractive.

3. Resistant To Mold And Termite Attack
The natural oil from teak wood which makes it waterproof also makes it resistant to mold and insects, including termites. This is an important consideration when choosing wooden furniture. It is important for you to know whether the wood type is able to overcome the insect problem that appears or not. When mold starts to grow on the surface of wooden furniture, the wood underneath tends to rot. Even if you can remove mold once it appears, it will often stain and can come back then. When you choose teak, the chances of mold growth and termite development are minimal.

Choosing Wooden Chair for Living Room

The living room is like a representation of the owner of the house. Because in this room you will entertain the guests of honor as well as your dear relatives. Of course, in choosing furniture for the living room you must be really observant and detailed. So that the budget that you will spend can maximize its function. The interior appearance of the living room will also help you make decisions on what design of guest wooden chair will you buy later.

Choose the Size of a Guest Chair according to the Space of the Room
Tips for choosing the first guest chair is to know the overall size of the living room. The size here must be correct, you make sure, especially the space to layout the guest chair. The large living room space will make it easier for you to choose a guest chair model. It is different if the room layout of the living room is very minimalist and can be said to be very narrow. The choice of minimalist guest chairs is the best solution. Even though the design is simple, make sure that the design does not take up space and change the appearance of the living room to be more beautiful.

Know the Function of Guest Chairs
Tips for choosing the second guest chair is to understand the function of the guest chair. The standard function in the guest chair is of course as a seat for your guests’ table. This chair is very different from the chairs in the family room that prioritizes family warmth. Furniture for this living room prioritizes comfort for your guests. Apart from that, it should lead you to a level of gracious hostess and a sense of pride. You will feel reluctant for the guests if the guest chairs you have managed to amaze their eyes, of course.

Choose a design that matches the interior
One of the keys to success in making the right living room interior design is consistency. This is very important considering our habit of frequently changing interior models, decorations, and furniture in it. If the interior in the house is minimalist, then surely the ecosystem in it is not far from a minimalist design, including the guest chairs. It’s different if the initial concept of the interior is luxurious, of course in the settings starting from the wallpaper, decorative decorations, and guest chairs. As for the guest chair design, it is varied and there are many models. Generally, designs that are often used are modern minimalist, classic luxury, tropical, American style, Scandinavian, industrial, etc. Boredom is normal but you can outsmart it by replacing outdated decorations. It will be very economical than you have to redesign the interior, including the guest chair.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Chairs Compared to Other Materials

One type of furniture that is quite in demand on the market and is a mandatory requirement for every household is a chair. The demand for chairs, both new and old models, whether made of wood or others, is still great as if it were never lonely. Chair manufacturers continue to produce chairs regardless of season, even the demand has increased very sharply. Even though the chair’s life is relatively long, which is up to a dozen years, it does not mean that the demand for seats has decreased, on the contrary. In furniture stores, the best-selling piece of furniture is the chair, which sells far above the wardrobe. This shows that chairs are a basic necessity for people to meet or decorate their homes. One type of chair that is quite in demand in the market is a wooden chair. The following will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a wooden chair compared to chairs made of other materials.

More durable
It is common knowledge that wooden chairs are more durable and have a longer service life compared to plastic chairs or chairs made of other materials. Chairs made of wood, especially if the wood is selected and of superior quality, will be able to last for a dozen or even over twenty years. The only cause of rotten wooden chairs is termites or improper use. The rest, wooden chairs will be more resistant, especially in supporting the bodyweight of the person who sits on them. It is no wonder that many people are more inclined to buy chairs made of wood than other materials.

The Paint is Renewable
Apart from being more durable, the paint or color of wooden chairs can be updated. For example, by adding varnish so that the color of the chair will look new. If the color of the chair has faded, you can immediately repaint it with a matching color or if you are bored with the color, you can replace it with another color according to your taste.

But among the several advantages, wooden chairs still have their disadvantages. Among the drawbacks is that the seat is hard, not soft so that people who sit on the wooden chair don’t feel comfortable sitting for long. Not infrequently, chairs made from wood are covered with foam or other materials to make them more comfortable when sitting. Not only is the seat hard, but the drawback of wooden chairs compared to chairs made of foam, rubber, or other materials is also that they are relatively heavier. Chairs made of wood, especially wood of the highest quality such as teak, will be very heavy when lifted. Not surprisingly, for short-term use, people tend to prefer rubber chairs or sofas to wooden chairs.

Why Teak Wooden Chairs Are Expensive

Designers around the world have found innovative ways to take advantage of the natural qualities of teak so that they can enhance the look of living spaces. They created a modern teak wooden chair design that has an exclusive look. Teak wooden chairs come from teak wood which is priceless. The teak is very solid and this makes it weather resistant. Apart from being sturdy and resilient, teak wooden chair also have more advantages than disadvantages.

The teak tree, called Tectona grandis, comes from the tropics. Since around the 7th century, it has been used to beautify and decorate the residences of the rich and powerful. Through the Dutch who colonized Indonesia, they used teak wood for shipbuilding because of its ability to ward off rot. Teak trees are found growing in the tropical rainforests of India and in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Burma, and Malaysia. Because the best quality teak wooden chairs come from old teak trees, it takes about 80 years before the teak trees can be felled and used for wood. And because teak is a very high-quality type of wood, old teak is often renewed, for example from old buildings that are torn down and recycled into new forms of furniture.

Then, why are teak wooden chairs so valuable and very valuable compared to other types of wooden chairs? It is quite clear that people love teak chairs more than mahogany, rosewood, and other types of wood. But why is that? The answer lies in the natural oils and rubber found in teak wood. So, what are the benefits of natural oil and rubber in teak wood?

Because of the natural oil and rubber content, teak has natural weather resistance properties that are greater than other types of wood. In addition, oil also protects wood from fungi and parasites that can destroy several other types of wood. Protecting wooden furniture from attack usually requires greasing and weathering, but teak is not the case. Because it has a very high natural oil content, it can reduce costs and the need for varnishing, wood finishing, and sealing of teak wooden chairs. If you decide to choose teak wooden chairs with low moisture content and weather resistance, you may have to pay a high price, but you will be satisfied with the purchase in the long run. Teak wood has a very high density and is waterproof so it doesn’t rot or rot easily. This is the reason why teak chairs can be so durable. Teak wooden chairs also have a natural resistance to several alkaline and acidic chemicals. That is why teak wood is not easily damaged or stained.